Life in Plastic, it's Fantastic: The Rise of Plastic Clothing

Do you remember those hideous, PVC rain macs your mum made you wear to school on those cold, wet, British days? The way it clung to you in the rain leaving your skin dry and chalky? Who would have ever thought that years later Supermodels would be parading them down the runway.

However, the SS18 runways were filled with the non-degradable material as designers presented shoes, hats, bags, gloves and jackets made from plastic.

Kristen Stewart wearing Chanel ss18 shoes

Kim Kardashian wearing Yeezy Season 4 boots

Kanye West was on the plastic trend long before everyone else. Though his 2016 runway for Yeezy Season 4 was a mess of broken heels, tripping models and heatstroke; the clear, thigh-high, heeled, boots that West debuted have not only become a Yeezy staple, but have inspired multiple other designers since. Both Jimmy Choo and Chanel took their own spin on the look with the latter combining the boots with their infamous two-tone pumps.

Despite Vogue magazines hesitation on the health of such an incubating shoe, the style has taken off in the fashion industry with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kristen Stewart showing them off.

Additionally, The Chanel collection also included clear, plastic sun hats, gloves and embellished jackets with the latter even displayed in the windows of Coco Chanel's old apartment turned first ever store. The Jackie Kennedy style Chanel is known for was taken into a futuristic world of plastic everywhere.

What is interesting about clear outer clothing is the position it takes on the outfit. As an uncommon and unusual garment, the jacket is in itself a statement piece that would elicit both interested gazes and questioning stares. At the same time, the garment is also extremely functional, protecting ones clothes from the bad weather while still showing off the outfit beneath.

Similarly to Chanel's Jacket, Valentino produced a biker-style jacket, clear, with pocket and zip details that are lined with sequins while Balenciaga produced a nude beige biker-jacket with a shiny, plastic glean. Balenciaga even went further with shirts that looked like they were made from bin-liners in multiple bright colours, so that one can look stylish and colour co-ordinated as they take out whichever bin-day it is that week.

Balenciaga SS18

Will plastic clothing become mainstream and common-place? Unlikely. No matter how stylised designers make it the material it self is still somewhat uncomfortable, difficult to move in and will leave your skin dry and chalky in the cold while sweaty in the heat (never a good look). Additionally, though High Street fashion tends to be quick at following the high end fashion runway's trends, they seem to be more sceptical about following this one.

Love it or hate it, in a time when one's plastic footprint is the latest fashionable social movement, naturally the clothing industry was going to be inspired by it and what better way to re-use and recycle than to wear our non-biodegradable waste? Let's just hope society doesn't discard this trendy, clean-up movement like a used, empty water bottle.

Check out the gallery below for more of this season plastic looks: