Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi Hadid: Season 4 - Review

The collaborations between Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid have always been bold, exciting and original but season 4 puts pedal to the metal with a motor sports theme that takes the collaboration to new heights.

In a similar way to Season 1’s military style, Season 4 takes the stereotypical styles of NASCAR and turns it into couture. The items are sporty and stylish but can also be layered upon each other to create a very urban look. Red, white and blue leather and black and white check are a little bit on the nose in their racing references but can also be partnered with elegant dresses and skirts that bring the look from the race track to the runway.

Throughout this NASCAR theme there is also a harkening back to early noughties style with mid-rifts and platform sandals that reminded me of Lizzie McGuire (how is that show over 14 years old??) or Lindsay Lohan in ‘Herbie Fully Loaded’. A nostalgia that Gigi and her fanbase will all relate to. However, the collection also pays homage to other periods of racing and fashion with Audrey Hepburn-esque neck scarfs, 1980’s sunglasses and modern style ripped and re-worked jeans.

One of the great things about the collection is the way in which the items look great separately as a stylish sporty finish to ones outfit, or altogether as a sartorially cliché homage to Racing. Each item in itself is bold and bright that makes it a stand out piece in any look. Of all the items in the collection, Gigi’s favourite is the windbreakers telling vogue that she loves their “ability to be worn as a fashion statement that is functional”.

See below for a slideshow of the collection.

Favourite Look of the Collection:

There was two looks that just I couldn’t pick between. The first is the simple black dress and black Chelsea boots that together highlight the red, blue and white elastic trimming on them and the white leather driving gloves. Its fairly elegant and pretty with just the slightest hint of racing references to keep it in line with the theme. Alternatively, the other look is fairly experimental with an exciting and rough silhouette that is also fairly feminine. The outfit is also then made very urban with the backwards cap, gym bag and platform sandals fit for a spice girl.