The Ghosts of Students Past: Working a University Open Day

When i received an email asking me to take part in the Kent University Open Day i excitedly applied. After three years in Canterbury a love had grown for it that i was dorkily desperate to share with others. Although i spent a lot of the day being a map reader for confused visitors (Kent Campus is like Wonderland: insanely beautiful but a maze), I was also able to share my experiences and insights into uni life.

However, during these chats with visitors i also couldn’t help but notice the audience i was talking to. Each looking to their parents for confirmation whenever they gave an answer. Each unsure of what they want and where they want it. These potential student seemed so young even though I was them only four years ago.

Seeing them reminded me of my open days. The uncertainty of what and where i wanted to go, of who i wanted to be. They reminded me of my first day in Canterbury. My over-sized River Island denim jacket, three month old event wrist bands and blonde highlights (i was going for Zayn Malik but it came out more Lynx Chocolate). Looking back i call it ‘The Look that Screamed Identity Crisis’. Seeing these future students reminded me of how much i have changed these past few years and how Kent University has shaped who i am today. Like the dork i am it made me even more happy to promote my University and hopefully i helped some people in their decisions.

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